Frequently Asked Questions
What is a title bond or motor vehicle bond?
A title bond is a surety bond that is a financial guarantee to a state agency that if a new title is issued and a problem arises in the future, then the surety company will pay a
penalty to solve the problem.

What is the cost of the bond?
Most bonds are $100 plus shipping. The rate for the bond is 2% of the bond value with a $100 minimum fee.

How fast will I receive my bond?
Bonds are shipped via Fed Ex for overnight delivery.

How long does the bond last?
Most states require the bond for 3 or 4 years. The bond is a one-time purchase and there is no renewal fee or future cost.

What if there is a lien against my vehicle?
If there is an active lien against your vehicle, then you cannot use a title bond. If the lien is inactive or has been paid off, then you may use a title bond.

What if I don't need the bond after I receive it?
We will offer a refund minus shipping fee and cancellation fee if you return the original bond to us.

Does a title bond mean that I will not have any problems in the future?
The title bond will assist you in securing a title in your name. However, the bond does not remove any financial obligation that you may have if someone else proves a financial
interest in the vehicle. If the surety company pays a claim, then you (as purchaser and principal) of the bond would be responsible for repaying the claim.

Do you check credit or need my personal financial information?
We do not check credit on title bonds. This allows us to process bonds much faster than most agents. We do not requests your social security number or personal financial

How long have you been in business?
Title bonds are issued by The Warnock Agency Inc. We have been in business since 1999.

Is my online payment safe and secure?
We process all credit card payments through PayPal which is secure.
Frequently Asked Questions